To the land of the living skies

I will begin my blog by telling you about myself and how excited I am to experience forestry work in Saskatchewan. My name is Brad Constantine, I grew up in a small town just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. Forestry has always been in my life and I’m glad I chose a career in this realm. I’m currently going into second year at the University of New Brunswick pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. This summer I was offered a position as a woodlands summer student with Tolko Industries Ltd. in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

Being my first experience in the forestry field, my summer position fits to a “T”. It allows me to witness behind the scenes action of the forestry industry while having the time of my life doing work. During my first few weeks with Tolko, I’ve noticed that the forest product industry is a very driven career that has a lot to offer.

My position this summer includes a lot of operations work with woodlands. The summer starts with doing bi-annual inspection of IBR’s (improved bush roads) usually on quads. Once finished that, we began doing erosion control on ditches and water crossings. Also, the summer students do riparian management areas and ribbon buffers in cut blocks and centrelines for the placement of new logging roads. One bonus of this job is that everyday is different, and your outside almost everyday. Which is amazing.

When I was in my first year of university, we did a lot of cruising in the bush to do inventory. But, seeing that Saskatchewan forests is mostly trembling aspen, balsam poplar, and white and black spruce, you really don’t need to cruise much here. However, the Government of Saskatchewan is implementing using LiDAR technology for the first time in the North West. We were asked to help collect plot data in the Meadow Lake area. It is exciting being a part of such a movement in forest technology that will be used help manage the forest more effectively.

I love the fact that I’m getting paid to spend my days operating quads and running boundaries in the forest. Coming from New Brunswick, the landscape is completely different than out here, but the personalities in Saskatchewan remind me of home. Which is so soothing when your 4300kms from home. The running saying is that Saskatchewan has the potential of Alberta with the friendliness of the Maritimes.

During my time in Saskatchewan, I plan on discovering many of the fresh water lakes available to fish, some stories about my canoe trips, and most importantly, my summer position as a Woodlands summer student. Stay tuned until next time when I talk about my trip down the Waterhen River located just outside of Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Brad Constantine

Prairies Woodlands Student

Tolko Industries Ltd.

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