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Vous vous demandez ce que c’est que de travailler au sein de la main-d’œuvre la plus verte, dans l’industrie canadienne des produits forestiers? Les blogueurs du stage de rêve sont là pour ça! Chacun des stagiaires rédige un blogue sur son expérience estivale dans l’industrie.

Si travailler dans l’industrie des produits forestiers vous attire, consultez notre outil de jumelage d’emploi pour trouver un poste et postuler. Assurez-vous de vous inscrirecomme chercheur d’emploi; les utilisateurs inscrits sont automatiquement jumelés aux postes qui correspondent à leurs qualifications, dès qu’ils sont affichés.


septembre 11 2017

This week marked the beginning of a new chapter in my time at Weyerhaeuser. Over the weekend I traded up my college dorm in Grande Prairie for a camper trailer out in the woods. This was necessary with the onset of herbicide application,…

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Down to Business

août 1 2017

Forestry isn’t all watching wildlife and flying in helicopters. Occasionally we have to actually get some work done. So far at Weyerhaeuser I have had two primary responsibilities: writing silviculture prescriptions, and performing tree planting checks. This may sound rather humdrum, but it’s…

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The Flavours of Forestry

juillet 18 2017

A quality understanding of local plants is integral in any forestry program. My time at university has shown me a plethora of flora (say that ten times fast) from around BC, and my time at Weyerhaeuser in Alberta has helped to broaden my…

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Meeting with the Experts

juillet 10 2017

I have always loved learning, and will often jump at any opportunity to share in new experiences and learn from experts. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing just that. My boss often tries to break up the monotony of…

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Hello fellow forest enthusiasts!

juin 16 2017

Hello fellow forest enthusiasts! I’m really excited to be sharing my experiences with all of you this summer. The first month of work has been jam packed with all sorts of forestry fun, including everything from helicopter rides to bear encounters, but before…

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