My Top 5 Things to do in Hudson Bay in the Summer

To preface, this list is totally subjective to my own interests and experiences in Hudson Bay so this is definitely not speaking for everybody or even for everything that can be done here. There are plenty of other things people enjoy here, (that I don’t) like hunting, quading, biking etc. For me, I enjoy nature oriented activities, so that’s mostly what going to take precedence in this list.

With that said, let’s get started:

  1. Kayaking: Whether it’s on Ruby Lake or on one of the 3 rivers surrounding Hudson Bay, very few activities rival a calm day paddling along in a Kayak. Hudson Bay has recently designated a few areas as Kayak launch points. One of which is in “the bowl” in our Regional Park. This is my personal favourite kayak run. Depending on the height of the river, there will be a few spots with some heavier rapids. For the most part though, it’s an easy enough trip to take a beginner on. If you’re lucky (and quiet enough) you’ll catch a glimpse of some wildlife.
  2. Hiking: Hudson Bay has some great spots to adventure on a hike and take in some of the surrounding nature. One such spot is in the Regional Park on the trail. This hike starts down by the river and runs through sections of the surrounding forest. There are bridges and marked paths so it can be traversed by first timers pretty easily. The Regional Park actually has multiple different trails, so if you’re adventurous enough you can take a day to explore them all.
  3. Fishing: I’ve always loved to fish, and Hudson Bay is a great outlet for this hobby. As far as I’m aware, you can catch trout, walleye and northern pike on the rivers surrounding the area. A fisherman never gives away his spots, but a few areas that I know to go catch are at the dam, west of town, which is a great spot for trout. The bowl in the Regional Park has lots of Northern Pike. I’ve also managed to catch a few trout down the hill from the campsites at the Regional Park.
  4. Camping: Despite living in Hudson Bay, I still enjoy going camping here. I might be wrong, but to my knowledge there are two campsites that people can visit in Hudson Bay. There’s one at the Regional Park and there’s one at Ruby Lake. The sites are well taken care of, and you can choose between more open spaces and more confined sites. And if you go camping you can also easily go fishing, kayaking and hiking as all those activities can be done within the parks.
  5. Golf: I may not be the best golfer, and I might get really frustrated with it and quit for months at a time, but I can definitely still see the appeal and can understand why people love it. Our course in Hudson Bay is beautiful and so well maintained by the staff. I’ve gone out there with people golfing before, just to take in the scenery and not do any actual golfing. It’s a 9 hole course with each offering a different level of difficulty. The water trap might be the bane of some golfers games, but to me it’s a thing of beauty.

Note: This little trout was released right after this picture.

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