Wondering what it’s like to work in the Greenest Workforce – Canada’s forest products industry? The Green Dream bloggers have you covered. They’re each blogging about their experiences working in the forest products industry this summer!

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Blog 8

September 11 2018

So now I’m back in the Queen City of Regina, Saskatchewan! People are back to school and I’m making an attempt to get my mind readjusted to student life. I have to turn the switch in my mind from mill worker to pre-service…

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last day at Weyerhaeuser

September 11 2018

So my last day at Weyerhaeuser has come and gone. With it I’ve gained a newfound respect for the forest products industry and the amount of time and effort that goes not only into the manufacturing of the OSB, but also the time…

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Blog 6

August 27 2018

Hudson Bay has always been a small town with lots of spirit and our homecoming weekend really represents that. All in all it’s a great weekend that displays the pride and sense of community in Hudson Bay. So that’s what I’m choosing to…

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Blog 5

August 21 2018

Well hello again! I think I need to come up with a better way of opening these than “hello again”… so I suppose this time I’m opening with myself pondering about better openings. That may seem strange, but it gets the job done.…

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Blog 4

August 1 2018

Hello once again! It’s been a fun few weeks working at Weyerhaeuser and hanging out in and around Hudson Bay. On the Weyerhaeuser front, I’ve been working the RBS (Radiant Barrier Sheathing) line quite frequently over the last two weeks and I do…

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My Top 5 Things to do in Hudson Bay in the Summer

July 18 2018

To preface, this list is totally subjective to my own interests and experiences in Hudson Bay so this is definitely not speaking for everybody or even for everything that can be done here. There are plenty of other things people enjoy here, (that…

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Blog 2

July 3 2018

It has almost been two weeks since I last wrote in this blog and what a two weeks it has been! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by this summer. Weyerhaeuser has given me a large variety of jobs with a…

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Blog 1

June 18 2018

I would just like to open by expressing how excited I am to get to blog my experience working in the forestry industry throughout the summer! This is my first time working in the forest products industry so I am excitedly anticipating what…

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