Wondering what it’s like to work in the Greenest Workforce – Canada’s forest products industry? The Green Dream bloggers have you covered. They’re each blogging about their experiences working in the forest products industry this summer!

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September 13 2018

Wow, time really flies! I can’t believe this is my last blog. It’s been an amazing experience and although I am back home in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, I will never forget the small town experience I had in…

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Last Adventure

September 13 2018

On the last weekend of my internship, most of the West Fraser interns went out to one of their cabins on Quesnel lake. Quesnel lake is one of the deepest lakes in BC with a depth of 2000 feet. After following the convoy…

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The Modern Sawmill

September 4 2018

As you may know, over my internship I was primarily working on the finishing steps of production in the planer. Although I was pretty tied up working on projects there, I did get a chance to look at the rough products in the…

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BC Wildfires

August 24 2018

BC is on fire if you haven’t noticed. Over 500 fires are raging across the province and it is only getting worse. The area in which I live, West Quesnel, was recently on evacuation alert. This means we had to be ready to…

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Blog 4

August 7 2018

For you avid readers out there, you may have noticed that I still haven’t covered the last remaining stage in production: the sawmill. I’m sorry to say that this is not the blog you are looking for. I have greatly underestimated the time…

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Sightseeing in the Cariboo Area

July 17 2018

In my last blog, I said this blog would cover the final stage of the manufacturing process. However, to give myself and my readers a break I decided to write about some of the recreational opportunities the Cariboo has to offer. Quesnel, British…

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Heating Things Up

July 3 2018

Last blog I touched on what happens in the planer. Since I started at the end of the process it only makes sense to go backwards. Before the wood goes through the planer, it must be dried in the kilns. The drying process…

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Blog #1 – A Little Background Information

June 19 2018

I have been working with West Fraser, Quesnel for the past month and a half. Last summer I was working in their Edson, AB division. My specialization in both internships was in the planer mill. The planer is the last stage of manufacturing…

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