“I can’t believe I didn’t move here sooner.”

When Crystal Janzen took a job with Weyerhaeuser in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, the last thing she expected was to find a place she’d call home. But working with great people in a supportive company and living in a small, close-knit community proved to be exactly what she’d always been looking for. Crystal is part of the GreenestWorkforce, and Canada’s forest products industry.

This is her story.

I wasn’t even looking for a new job when Weyerhaeuser offered me a position as Human Resources Manager in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. I was in Labour Relations at the time and had never really considered the forest products industry, so it took some convincing at first to get me up here. But from the moment I arrived, I knew I’d found home. This has to be the most beautiful part of Saskatchewan, with the most gorgeous scenery and the absolutely nicest people. Now, I can’t believe I didn’t move here sooner.

You have to experience it to really understand, but Weyerhaeuser offers such a good working environment. It’s a wonderful group of people and everyone is fun to be around. That’s just what this town is like, too. One manager came here just as temporary relief and instead of going back to his own job chose to stay because of how great the people are and the amazing potential that this mill has.

Working in the private sector has been a great change. I get to really make a difference. I’m used to red tape preventing one from affecting change but now, what I do every day makes a difference. My assistance to managers with hiring decisions, training, labour relations, and other Human Resources functions all directly impact our employees and the company culture. I’ve helped create structure in Human Resource processes to insure we are consistent and doing the best we can for our greatest resource, our employees. I have been supported by the company to use my own judgment, and develop intelligent processes to help ensure we choose the right people for the job. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed. This is a company that recognizes a job well done.

Another reason I love my work is the support I get. I have the opportunity to keep up with industry trends. The company has a plan for employees to succeed. If I want to move up in the company, there’s opportunity and support to get there. I’ve never experienced anything like this. They want to me to learn and grow and be the best I can be. For example, to keep my Certified Human Resources Professional designation I need 100 hours of professional development each year. I’ve been able to do three years’ worth of professional development in six months!

So this is the perfect place and the perfect company for me. I can raise my son in Hudson Bay and work with wonderful people and even get a chance to be more outdoorsy. I’ve never even been on a snowmobile, but I’m going to try it all.