Wondering what it’s like to work in the Greenest Workforce – Canada’s forest products industry? The Green Dream bloggers have you covered. They’re each blogging about their experiences working in the forest products industry this summer!

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Regeneration surveys

October 3 2017

During the last week in August, I had the opportunity to try something new. I had the chance to survey a cutblock from 2011 to see how the establishment of species were coming. Although this task is not preformed a lot in my…

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September 11 2017

Cet été, j’ai eu un aperçu de la façon dont la technologie influence mon travail quotidien. Le secteur forestier peut progresser plus vite grâce aux avancées technologiques. De l’utilisation des drones de reconnaissance à la création de cartes à l’aide des logiciels SIG…

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Technology in Forestry

September 11 2017

This summer has shown a perspective as to how technology impacts my daily job. The forestry sector can move forward at a faster rate due to technological advances. From flying drones to do reconnaissance, creating maps using the latest GIS software, to LiDAR…

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This Summer in a Nutshell

August 24 2017

For this week’s blog, I’m going to talk mainly about the benefits about working for Tolko Industries and why I am glad I was able to start my forestry career with such a good company. Over the course of the summer, I’ve classified…

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The Perks of Boundary Ribboning

August 14 2017

Being a summer student in operation with Tolko Prairie Woodlands, a huge portion of the work we do is Riparian Management Areas and Visual Sensitive Area boundary ribboning. This task is extremely important when preparing a block for the contractors to begin work.…

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History of Meadow Lake

August 1 2017

After Living in the town of Meadow Lake for the past three months, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to telling everyone about the history and community of Meadow Lake. Since arriving here, I have realized that there is lots to offer recreational…

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Working with LiDAR

July 17 2017

It is safe to say when you go out in the bush to do work, you never what you are going to expect. Especially when your working on the Crown Agricultural lands outside Meadow Lake. Within 400m of walking from the truck, I…

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A Perfect Evening!

June 29 2017

Last Friday after work, there was two choices at hand. The first choice was to check out the Meadow Lake Stampede that was occurring that night. The second option was to take a 45-minute drive out of town towards Goodsoil to spend the…

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To the land of the living skies

June 16 2017

I will begin my blog by telling you about myself and how excited I am to experience forestry work in Saskatchewan. My name is Brad Constantine, I grew up in a small town just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. Forestry has always been…

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