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Vous vous demandez ce que c’est que de travailler au sein de la main-d’œuvre la plus verte, dans l’industrie canadienne des produits forestiers? Les blogueurs du stage de rêve sont là pour ça! Chacun des stagiaires rédige un blogue sur son expérience estivale dans l’industrie.

Si travailler dans l’industrie des produits forestiers vous attire, consultez notre outil de jumelage d’emploi pour trouver un poste et postuler. Assurez-vous de vous inscrirecomme chercheur d’emploi; les utilisateurs inscrits sont automatiquement jumelés aux postes qui correspondent à leurs qualifications, dès qu’ils sont affichés.

Blog 8. The Highlight Reel

septembre 6 2017

It’s hard to believe I’m already sitting here reflecting on the summer that has come and gone too fast. When I first received the phone call from the woods manager here in Hinton requesting an interview for this position, I remember feeling like…

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The Staple of my Summer

août 24 2017

Coming into the final weeks of my work term, I think it’s time to finally discuss my main project of the summer with you! This blog has to have some technical terms (I’ll try to define them all, I promise!) but I’ll work…

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The Goshawk Mission

août 14 2017

It was a rainy Friday morning in the office when I got a phone call that brightened my day right up! Larry, one of our operations supervisors, called me with a bit of hawk ‘emergency’.  One of his contractor’s buncher-men had gotten out…

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Rocky Mountain Adventures

août 3 2017

Rocky Mountain Adventures One huge bonus of living in Hinton is the close access we have to the Rocky Mountains. This was a huge selling feature for me when I decided to come to Hinton for the summer. I touched on some of…

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The Pinto Mountain Goat Experience

juillet 26 2017

Just North of Hinton is a special management area called Pinto Creek Canyon. The canyon is a stunning landmark, featuring Pinto Creek slowly and gently curving its way through the landscape, leaving behind scattered cliff faces and hoodoos along its banks. This is…

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Finding Home in Hinton

juillet 13 2017

One of the best things about working in the Forest Products Industry is where the job takes you. I don’t mean the actual work itself (which is also incredible), but the places that you live and play. Hinton, Alberta is one of those…

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A Ducky Week on the River

juin 23 2017

Today I have a special experience to share! In mid-May, I had the pleasure of participating in a Harlequin Duck capture program for three days. I have so much to share so I’m just going to dive in! Harlequin Ducks (scientific name Histrionicus…

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Back again in Canada’s Greenest Workforce

juin 12 2017

Hello Everyone! I am incredibly excited to be writing to you all in my second year as a Green Dream Blogger! I hope there will be some familiar faces reading these posts, but even more so I hope my writing is able to…

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Everything You Didn’t Already Know About My Summer; Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

septembre 19 2016

On the afternoon of Friday, August 26th, I found myself saying my final goodbyes to everyone in the office at West Fraser Plywood, Williams Lake. I’ve had some time to reflect on the busy day of handing in gear, cleaning up my truck,…

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The Art of Silviculture

septembre 19 2016

My main role at West Fraser has included mostly silviculture work. This field in forestry relates to how the landscape is managed post-harvest, and from what I’ve experienced and witnessed working under Silviculture Forester, Sue, it is truly an art. As a silviculture…

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Operational Forestry – Harvesting

septembre 7 2016

This summer I’ve been talking to you guys a lot about forestry practices mostly relating to the development and reforestation of cut blocks, which leaves out one BIG part of the industry. Today we’re going right to the root of forestry: harvesting. Harvesting…

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Battle of the Beetles

août 22 2016

Our forests are constantly fighting for their survival. Each and every tree will be subjected to competition, pathogens, harsh environments, and pests over its lifetime. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the mountain pine beetle and the immediate effects that the epidemic in…

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Roserim Forest Nursery

août 8 2016

The past month, my role at West Fraser has included mostly silviculture work under an incredible forester named Sue. Silviculture is a type of forestry that relates to managing the landscape post-harvest in order to produce a healthy and merchantable forest stand for…

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

juillet 19 2016

As the beginning of July approaches, the city of Williams Lake builds as almost indescribable atmosphere. Canada Day weekend in the city marks the annual Williams Lake Stampede, which is second in Canada only to the Calgary Stampede. This year the community celebrated…

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Camp at Anahim Lake

juillet 7 2016

This past week (June 20th-23rd) I’ve been in camp at the Eagle’s Nest Resort on beautiful Anahim Lake, located about three and a half hours west of Williams Lake. West Fraser is fairly new to this operating area; initial planning began only in…

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