Date Posted: April 07, 2020

Job Location: Nairn Centre

Job Number: GWF-81718

Job Type: Full Time

Start: Immediately



Address: 100 Route Old Nairn, Nairn Centre, Ontario, Canada P0M 2L0

Job Description

Reporting to the Director, Sales Co-Products, Ontario, you will assist in securing timber from Crown and private sources for Ontario sawmills. The position will be based out of Nairn Centre.


* Demonstrate commitment and adherence to EACOM values in the marketplace.
* Nurture relationships with current and new Crown and private suppliers of timber.
* Collaborate in developing short- and long-term wood supply strategies to meet Company objectives.
* Investigate, evaluate, prepare cost estimates and make recommendations on timber opportunities (species, size, quantity, quality, proximity, price, timing, etc.).
* Assist in negotiating and completing log purchase agreements.
* Search land holding titles at Ontario Land Registry Offices to pursue purchase opportunities.
* Schedule, oversee, and monitor purchase wood production.
* Work with receiving mills to achieve log quality performance objectives.
* Identify and pursue win/win log trade opportunities to optimize haul costs and secure preferred mill species.
* Investigate, establish and oversee satellite log yards, as required.
* Assist to market and sell the incidental volumes and profiles that are not utilized by EACOM (hardwood, cedar, white pine, red pine, pulpwood, etc.).
* Other tasks, as assigned.


* Outgoing and team oriented
* Organizing skills, flexible and reliable
* Strong work ethic and negotiating skills
* Analytical and strong business acumen (math, economic, finance)
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Job Conditions

  • Travelling may be required.
  • Overtime may be required.
  • Minimum experience: 5 to 10 years
  • Minimum educational level: Certificate/Diploma from a College or CEGEP
  • Certifications:
    • Driver’s licence
  • Language: Bilingual

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