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Bailey Robinson

Bailey Robinson

Whitecourt, AB
Roads Assistant
Millar Western

Short & Sweet

30 July 2019 9:22 Published by

I am keeping this blog short and sweet, as the title says, because I will be on vacation. When I return however, I will give tips and tricks for the berry foraging season that will be in full peak. Especially in blueberries in old cutblocks that have just started to become edible. Pictured above are wild strawberries (left) picked on along a winter road I was inspecting crossings on.

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Enjoying All the Extras

23 July 2019 9:57 Published by

Look at the beauty I found! During my inspections I have to get off my quad to look for safe ways around berms, floods, or washouts. On the day this photo was taken, I walked a path around a flooded/beaver dammed area looking for access to the rest of the road. While I was unsuccessful in finding the road, I did find many giant champion trees in that area including this massive Balsam Poplar pictured above.

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Changing Seasons Bring Farewells

9 July 2019 10:59 Published by


It’s the season of wildflower bouquet in my cup holder! Creating art from pressed plants is a hobby of mine that started as a result of a herbarium school assignment in my first year of university. This project opened me up to a whole new understanding and appreciation of the world around me. Over the last few years I have become less reliant on my identification books and more adept at predicting the changing of wildflower seasons or micro-seasons.

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It’s Not Just Paperwork

25 June 2019 13:26 Published by

I am happy to announce that, in the last two weeks since I’ve written, I have not gotten my feet wet, nor had either set of wheels stuck! I also proudly towed someone else out of a mess and had only a few nearly-stuck moments with my quad (thank you, winch). Some other exciting opportunities I and students from other departments have experienced include assisting with a grade 6 archeology dig day at the Whitecourt Forest Interpretive Center where a few kids actually found legitimate artifacts,

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Welcome Back to Field Season

10 June 2019 15:10 Published by

A forestry student’s favourite time of year is back! Summer student field season starts soon after finals the first week of May when we all spread out to forestry towns across the province and country to work for sawmills and contractors. I am very happy to be back in Alberta working for well-known forestry company; Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

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