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Dan Tran

Edson, AB
Engineering Intern

Live to Work, Work to Live

26 August 2019 13:24 Published by

I had meant to do so much more with this blog. I was thinking of posting a blog on the green end, a blog on the finishing end, a blog on the entire forming line, a blog on safety culture, one on the community, another on the general process creating OSB, some about the hiking trails in Edson, some interviews with some great friends of mine in the mill,

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Those Clouds are Beautiful

9 August 2019 14:54 Published by

The marsh called Edson is actually starting to fade away now. There is still heavy rain (and hail) every now and then, but it is finally starting to clear up. Neil’s rain dance spell is fading away! It only lasted two whole months. Last year, there was nowhere near that amount of rain. It was overly dry if anything. I suppose that’s what we get for living in the area.

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Courting Lady Macdonald and the Retiring Dryers

16 July 2019 11:30 Published by

Unfortunately for the last several weeks, the heavens have decided to turn Edson into a marsh. I have brought up my hiking shoes this time, but I suspect that even they would get extremely soaked and/or destroyed by the crazy weather. My coworker Neil, one of the electricians, did a mock rain dance when the weather was hot and dry –

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Blog 2 Dan Tran

27 June 2019 10:20 Published by

I figured that random drawings of large pipes and still mats are rather boring… so this week I have asked if I could post videos of those large pipes and still mats moving.

The Press. Codename: Moneymaker. “Our job is to keep that press going without stopping. If it stops, we lose money.” – Every employee I’ve talked to in the mill.

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Welcome to this Green Dream blog

10 June 2019 15:07 Published by

Salutations! Welcome to this Green Dream blog.

Since this is the first blog, I shall introduce myself briefly. My name is Dan Tran, and am the Engineering Intern hired at Weyerhaeuser’s Edson OSB mill. I am still working on my electrical engineering degree and have just completed my second year at the University of Calgary. I am Calgarian-born and have taken all three levels of schooling there.

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