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Why Work in the North: My Final Blog of 2020

25 août 2020 10:49 Published by

Somehow the summer is already approaching its end.  The past few weeks of August spent doing research, interpreting cutover boundaries on the 3D station, clearing haul roads of fallen trees and more have gone by very fast.  Despite the unique circumstances of the summer I have had the opportunity to learn a lot this season.  Sadly, the 2020 Green Dream blogging season is also nearing its end. 

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The Summer Flies By

6 août 2020 14:57 Published by

Wow less than a month left at my summer position here at Mercer Peace River.  Although I enjoy winter (30 degrees Celsius below zero beats 30 degrees above any day, in my opinion), and I am looking forward to my next semester of university, it is sad to see the summer and my time here go by so fast.  With every season that comes and goes,

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Advice from a U of A student

23 juillet 2020 12:03 Published by

Well, I have to admit the time for my second blog has snuck up on me.  Even though I have been back in Peace River since March, the time is flying by. Since the summer going by fast means that September will creep up before we know it, I thoughtI would talk about some of my university experiences in the past two years and offer some advice for other people who are in their first years of university or are considering entering the field of environmental sciences. 

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Advice and Experiences from a Forestry Professional

21 juillet 2020 12:01 Published by

For this third blog, I decided to interview my supervisor Peggy for some insight into what it’s like to work in forestry.  Peggy is the Silviculture and Tree Improvement Supervisor here at Mercer Peace River, where she works to regenerate harvested aspen stands using mainly “Leave for Natural” strategies because of aspen’s ability to regenerate through suckering.  Even so, there are tree planting,

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It’s great to be back!

24 juin 2020 17:22 Published by

What an amazing feeling it is to be able to be writing my first blog of the season for the second year in a row!  I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to share my experiences this summer once again.  

For this first blog I will be telling you a bit about myself, what I do at Mercer Peace River and giving an idea of the topics that I plan to be blogging about this summer.  

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Wildlife at Work

12 août 2019 15:27 Published by

With the summer quickly coming to an end (less than a month and I will be back in the classroom), I’ve decided that it’s time to do a blog looking back at some of the wildlife that I’ve been fortunate enough to observe this summer. Anyone who lives in small town or rural Alberta surely gets to see some wild animals.

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Lessons Learned Camping

24 juillet 2019 15:55 Published by

By Arianna Loogman, July 23rd, 2019

I can’t believe that it’s already time for another blog, but I’m super excited to share this one! Every summer student watches as their four months off school race by, the work week goes by fast and the weekends even faster. You think that you will have free time,

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The Land of Twelve Foot Davis

15 juillet 2019 11:04 Published by

For this blog I thought I’d share a bit about my hometown of Peace River, a beautiful northern community that depends on forestry to employ many people and support the local economy. If I do a really, really good job maybe you’ll pack your bags and move here, but my goal is just to put my town on your radar.

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Field Trips on the Leddy Lake Interpretive Trail

24 juin 2019 12:00 Published by

Hi again! For this blog, I’m going to talk a bit about one of my favorite roles at Mercer Peace River. Part of my job involves leading school field trips at Leddy Lake, and helping to maintain the Leddy Lake Interpretive Trail.

Elementary and junior high students from schools in the region come to the trail to learn about the boreal forest,

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The Very First Blog

10 juin 2019 15:13 Published by

Welcome to my first ever blog, Green Dream or otherwise!  I am very excited to have this opportunity to share my summer experiences in the forestry industry.  For this first blog I am going to give you a bit of background on myself, share some of my experiences so far, and give a bit of a preview of the blogs to come.

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