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Jace Timmer

Meadow Lake, SK

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

25 août 2020 11:06 Published by

This blog is my last blog of the summer, and in preparation for this blog, I have allowed myself to reflect on the previous 4 months of work and the last 2 months of blogging. As my summer position at Tolko grinds down to a halt, and I pack my things to move back to Calgary for school, I wonder how the time can fly by so fast.

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A Day in The Life of Jace Timmer

10 août 2020 11:17 Published by

Hey readers,

Thank you all again for coming back to my blogging journey. I hope you are all enjoying them as much as I am enjoying making these for all of you. This blog is my second last blog. I was having a hard time thinking of another interesting but not repetitive topic to write this blog on.

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The Importance of Lean Manufacturing

23 juillet 2020 11:57 Published by

Hey readers,

Welcome, and thank you all for coming back to my blog for another read. I will be taking you through the area of work that I am currently in and its importance.

When I came to Tolko at the beginning of May, a lot of life was uncertain. Due to the Covid-19 circumstances, I was feeling fortunate to be employed in and of itself,

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The River Run from Hell

6 juillet 2020 16:27 Published by

Hey readers, before I get into this blog about my horrid experience, I would love to set a back story on how this blog relates to the forestry industry. Working in a community like Meadow Lake is not all about the job. On my days off, I can drive 30 minutes and be witnessing some of the most beautiful lakes ever.

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Welcome to My Green Dream Blogging Journey

24 juin 2020 17:17 Published by

Hello readers, before I get into my very first blog ever, I would love to thank Forest Products Association of Canada for selecting and giving me the honour of being a 2020 Green Dream Intern Blogger.


I’m Jace Timmer, and in this blog, I will introduce you to myself and how I came to be in the forestry industry.

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