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Jaime Jacques

Grande Prairie, AB
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Overview and Recap

17 août 2020 12:18 Published by

For my final entry in the Green Dream Blog, I would like to give an overall summation of my summer in Grande Prairie, as well as fill you in with some of the other odds and ends that I was able to participate in this work season.

As another summer work season quickly approaches the end, it is difficult to look back and feel as though I participated in as many tasks as I had hoped.

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Log Quality Audits

4 août 2020 11:50 Published by

For my fourth post, I would like to share my experiences performing log quality audits throughout the month of July and continuing into August. 

When I accepted the position of Forest Operations Intern at Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie, I expected to be spending much more time in active harvest blocks. It is part of the reason I was so eager to accept the job.

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Stop Me If I Drone On

20 juillet 2020 10:49 Published by

For my second entry in the Green Dream Blogs, I would like to share my experiences flying drones with you!

Through the excitement of moving to Grande Prairie and starting work, the first couple of weeks were like many other jobs. Getting to know your supervisors, understanding the operating procedures of accessing your physical workspace (very important during a global pandemic) and general safety training were all things that we participated in while settling into our respective roles.

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Flagging Tape, Best Before: Summer 2025

17 juillet 2020 12:24 Published by

For my third entry in the Green Dream Blogs I would like to share my experiences reflagging pre-harvest blocks with you.

“Better if Used By”, “Best Before” and “Expires On” are all terms we are familiar with when it comes to the food and perishable goods that we purchase every week at the grocery store, but did you know that common flagging tape also has an expiry date?

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Blog 1

25 juin 2020 12:05 Published by

As this is the first entry of five in the Green Dream Intern 2020 series, I would like to take the opportunity to say that I am thankful for the chance to share my summer with everyone. In my first post, I will be introducing myself and sharing my path to this point with you.

Born and raised in Goulais River,

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