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Julia Hollingsworth

Grande Prairie, AB
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Sheep Grazing and Forestry

25 août 2020 10:58 Published by

One of the projects I’m working on this summer is a sheep grazing pilot project.  While grazing is sometimes used for brush control in other parts of the world, it doesn’t generally happen in Alberta. However, there isn’t a lot of data available to tell us why this is. So, we are trying to assess whether sheep grazing is an effective and practical way to control competition in young cut blocks in Weyerhaeuser’s forest management area.

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The places you can go: two different forestry careers

25 août 2020 10:52 Published by

One of the things I have really enjoyed this summer is working with the two people responsible for silviculture at Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie. Tyler Niles and Jamie Miller have taken all the silviculture interns under their metaphorical wings and helped us develop skills that we will need in the future as foresters. Through talking with them both through the summer,

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Surveying in the Summertime

10 août 2020 11:22 Published by

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, most of my work this summer has been surveying. I have been working nonstop on Weyerhaeuser’s stocking survey programs, pre-herbicide assessments, and sheep grazing data collection projects. I’ve been working on a lot of the data management from these projects, and I have also been doing a lot of the plots myself.

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The Basics of Forest Surveying and Competition Assessment

13 juillet 2020 14:47 Published by

This summer, I’m spending a lot of time working on competition assessment and control projects. Whether we regenerate a cut block using natural or artificial regeneration, priority number one is to make sure that those trees can succeed. In that respect, competition between crop trees and weeds* is a very big deal in forestry.

Competition is a complicated topic that deserves its own post and much more.

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An Introduction

25 juin 2020 11:52 Published by

Hello! My name is Julia Hollingsworth, and I am one of this year’s silviculture interns at Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie. Recently, I finished the first year of my Master of Forestry degree at the University of Alberta. After studying Biology at UNBC, I worked in Grande Prairie for a few years, so I am very happy to be able to do an internship in the place I call home.

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