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West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

Vancouver, Canada – British Columbia
opportunities@westfraser.com  |  (604) 895-2700
Website: www.westfraser.com

West Fraser is a diversified wood products company producing lumber, LVL, MDF, plywood, pulp, newsprint, wood chips and energy with facilities in western Canada and the southern United States. West Fraser has approximately 8,000 employees and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.



Head Office:
858 Beatty Street, Suite 501
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 1C1
(604) 895-2700
Website: www.westfraser.com

Quesnel Sawmill
1250 Brownmiller Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
V2J 6P5
(250) 992-9244
Website: www.westfraser.com

Alberta Plywood
9919 - 65 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 0L1
Website: www.westfraser.com

Alberta Newsprint
Postal Bag 9000 10km West, Hwy 43
Whitecourt, Alberta
T7S 1P9
Website: www.westfraser.com

Chetwynd Forest Industries
3598 W Fraser 89 P.O. Box 330
Chetwynd, British Columbia
V0C 1J0
(250) 788-2686
Website: www.westfraser.com

Manning Forest Products
PO Box 370
Manning, Alberta
T0H 2M0
Website: www.westfraser.com

WestPine MDF
300 Carradice Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
V2J 5Z7
Website: www.westfraser.com

Fraser Lake Sawmill
Yellowhead Hwy 16 P.O. Box 100
Fraser Lake, British Columbia
V0J 1S0
Website: www.westfraser.com

High Prairie Forest Products
1 Railroad, P O Box 1320
High Prairie, Alberta
T0G 1E0
Website: www.westfraser.com

Canadian Operations Office
1250 Brownmiller Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
V2J 6P5
Website: www.westfraser.com

Williams Lake Sawmill
4255 Rottacker Rd, P.O. Box 4360
Williams Lake, British Columbia
V2G 2V4
Website: www.westfraser.com

Slave Lake Veneer
Mitsue Industrial Park PO Box 517
Slave Lake, Alberta
T0G 2A0
(780) 849-4145
Website: www.westfraser.com

Quesnel River Pulp
1000 Finning Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
V2J 6A1
Website: www.westfraser.com

100 Mile Lumber
910 Exeter Stn PO Box 97
100 Mile House, British Columbia
V0K 2E0
Website: www.westfraser.com

Blue Ridge Lumber
PO Box 87
Blue Ridge, Alberta
T0E 0B0
Website: www.westfraser.com

Cariboo Pulp & Paper
PO 7500, 50 North Star Road
Quesnel, British Columbia
V2J 3J6
Website: www.westfraser.com

Chasm Sawmill
Box 190
70 Mile House, British Columbia
V0K 2K0
Website: www.westfraser.com

West Fraser LVL
Secondary Hwy 752 PO Box 1737
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
T4T 1B3
Website: www.westfraser.com

Hinton Wood Products
99 West River Road
Hinton, Alberta
T7V 1Y7
Website: www.westfraser.com

Quesnel Plywood
2000 Plywood Rd
Quesnel Plywood, British Columbia
V2J 3J5
(250) 992-5511
Website: www.westfraser.com

Slave Lake Pulp
P.O. Box 1790
Slave Lake, Alberta
T0G 2A0
Website: www.westfraser.com

Edson Forest Products
53115 Highway 47 PO Box 6810
Edson, Alberta
T7E 1V2
(780) 723-3977
Website: www.westfraser.com

Williams Lake Plywood
4200 North MacKenzie Avenue
Williams Lake, British Columbia
V2G 2V5
Website: www.westfraser.com

Hinton Pulp
760 Switzer Drive
Hinton, Alberta
T7V 1V7
Website: www.westfraser.com

Sundre Forest Products
Hwy 584 West, Bag #1
Sundre, Alberta
T0M 1X0
Website: www.westfraser.com

Pacific Inland Resources
2375 Tatlow Rd P.O. Box 3130
Smithers, British Columbia
V0J 2N0
Website: www.westfraser.com


Company History

Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham were young men who took a chance on a purchase of a small mill in the Town of Quesnel and showed business vision beyond their years.

The sweat and hard work of three young men together with a founding group of pioneering employees have laid a foundation for West Fraser that thrives to this day. Six decades later, the Company has grown from the original 12-person crew at Two Mile Flat to become the largest lumber producer in North America.

West Fraser’s heritage is a story about people who came together to build so much more than those three young men imagined would be possible in 1955. Today, we remain anchored by those early core beliefs that continue to stand the test of time: cost control in all aspects of the business; efficient, modern mills; responsibility and leadership in environmental performance; the active involvement of employees in the business and a relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Company Facts

Our disciplined operating focus in our facilities and cost-conscious manufacturing approach are crucial to the continuing success of West Fraser.

We have a consistent and reliable business model that is based in efficiency and unwavering attention to cost management. We consistently reinvest in our operations to ensure our committed and dedicated staff have the right resources to compete and win in a challenging industry.

Over the last ten years, West Fraser has grown outside of the Company’s original base in British Columbia, increasing our manufacturing capabilities in Alberta and the southern United States. Today we are the largest lumber manufacturer in Alberta and one of the largest in the U.S. South. By pursuing this strategy, we are creating new platforms for growth in many of the areas where we operate and in regions with stable or growing timber supply.

At West Fraser, our employees continue to be our key competitive advantage. They contribute to a strong, resourceful, cost-conscious culture that continues to drive our success. Through their ongoing support and commitment, we continue to build a strong and profitable Company.



Panels and board : includes Edge-glued panels, Finger-joined lumber, Medium-density fibreboard, Oriented strand board, Particleboard, Plywood, Wood-cement composites, and Wood-plastic composites

Other Forest Products : e.g. lignin, cellulose filaments, nanocrystalline cellulose, wood-derived bioethanol, etc.

Engineered wood products : includes Glued-laminated timber, Laminated veneer lumber, Cross-laminated timber, I-beams, Oriented strand lumber, Trusses, and any other engineered lumber composites, engineered wood products or glued wood products


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