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The Canadian forest products industry is one of Canada’s oldest and most important industries, and there’s a place in it for you. On this site, you can Find Jobs available now and Register as a Job Seeker. Registered users are matched with the right jobs as they become available, and get other services to help keep their job searches moving forward.

The forest product industry provides high-quality jobs for hundreds of thousands of Canadians, makes up a key part of the local economy in hundreds of communities, and produces some of Canada’s most important exports. Well-managed forests and responsibly manufactured forest products store carbon and as such are increasingly recognized as a key part of the solution to the climate change challenge. This is an industry with a long history and a bright future. Canada’s forest products companies are technology and research driven. Product lists are expanding beyond the traditional –such as pulp, paper and lumber –to include biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and a range of sometimes surprising applications for wood in fields such as auto manufacturing and aerospace.

Is one of them right for you? It could be if:

  • You have one or more of the manyskill sets that are in demandin the industry. Job opportunities range from woodlands and mill operations, to science and engineering professions, to numerous skilled trades and various administrative roles. Keen on mentorship and good advancement opportunities? The industry offers that too.
  • You want to feel good about what you do during your workday. The Canadian forest products industry is widely recognized as a global leader in environmental management. It’s Canada’s Greenest Workforce, using renewable materials and low-impact processes, with an important role in the emerging bio and low carbon economy.
  • You want a good work-life balance. The forest products industry is everywhere, but many jobs are located in smaller communities, often in the midst of some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and recreational opportunities, and with short commutes and low costs-of-living. As current employees will tell you, life’s better here.

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