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Can I still get automatic Job Matching with a private profile?

Yes. You will still be informed of job matches, and it will be up to you to determine if you wish to apply or otherwise contact the employer.

How can I find out what jobs are available in a specific field, or of a specific type?

Use the Advanced Search to find jobs of a particular type and/or in a particular location. You can also narrow your search further with criteria such as full vs. part-time, language requirements, education level and even specific employers.

How can I indicate that I want to work in a specific city or town?

When registering, you need to indicate one or more larger regions in which you would be willing to work, although you will always be able to choose which specific communities within those regions you apply for jobs in. You can see a list of the main cities & towns in each region here.

How does automatic Job Matching Work?

When you get a job match, you will know that the position lines up with what you want to do and where you want to do it, and with the specific strengths you can offer an employer. You then decide if you want to apply for the job. An employer whose job you’ve been matched with will also be informed, if you have a public profile, and may communicate with you via your inbox at My Messages.

How does the process of actually applying for a job work?

Once you’ve created a profile and uploaded or created a resume, you simply click “Apply” on a job that interests you. You’ll be asked to choose which resume you want to use, if you have more than one on the system. No cover letter is necessary. When you hit “Apply” on some jobs, you’ll be re-directed to the employer’s own job listing site and will need to follow instructions there. In this case, you can still download and use a PDF of a resume you’ve created on the Greenest Workforce.

What’s the “Talent Bank”?

The Talent Bank is simply all those profiles of job seekers who have chosen to make their profiles public, and visible to employers. If you’re part of the Talent Bank, employers might contact you about current and future opportunities.

What’s the difference between a public and a private profile?

If you make your profile public, prospective employers who are registered with the Greenest Workforce will be able to view it. This means you are part of a Talent Bank, and employers might contact you about current and future opportunities, even if you haven’t been matched or applied. However, you can also make your profile private so that employers can’t see it – if, for example, you don’t want a current employer to know you are job hunting.

Will my email and contact information be available on the system?

Yes, if you have made your profile public, your email and other contact information – including social media connections if you’ve provided them – will be visible to employers. In this event, prospective employers may contact you either through the messaging function within the Greenest Workforce Job Match Tool or via email or other means.

Do I have to register to apply for jobs?

Yes, you have to register in order to apply for jobs through this site or to use other services available on it, including automatic Job Matching. Once you have created an account, you should complete all of the requested information. You can check My Dashboard when logging in to confirm if you’ve completed all the information required for automatic Job Matching.

If I only upload a PDF file of my resume, will I get job matches?

No. Although you can use a PDF version of your resume to apply for specific jobs, we cannot extract the information needed for automatic job matching from a PDF. You need to complete the online forms relating to location, experience and career types. You can check My Dashboard when logging in to confirm if you’ve completed all the information required for automatic Job Matching.

I have Job Matches – does that mean my resume will be automatically sent?

No. You can view the specific job(s) you have been matched with, and decide which one(s) to apply for.

My specific career role is not listed. Should I still search for jobs?

Yes. Although your specific job title or role may not be listed, if you review the available job listings you may find what you are looking for, categorized under another title.

What is Spousal / Family Relocation?

This is mainly relevant if you are open to relocating for a new job, and if a spouse or other family member will be relocating with you. If that person will also need a new job, you can either link their Greenest Workforce profile with yours, or provide some basic information about what they are looking for. Potential employers can sometimes assist with finding a job for a spouse or family member in your new community.

What happens after I apply for a job?

The employer will review applications and will contact you directly if they are interested in pursuing your application.

How do I check on the status of a job application?

At “Application History” you can find a list of those jobs you have applied for, and you can cancel an active application if you choose or need to. You can also contact an employer’s Human Resources department to inquire more specifically about the status of an application.

I’ve already applied for a position directly on the company’s website. Should I apply here also?

It is not necessary to submit a duplicate application if you have already applied directly to the company.

Who do I contact to get more information about a job posting?

You can contact an employer’s Human Resources department with further questions about a job posting.

How do I submit a cover letter?

Cover letters are neither required nor accepted when applying for a position via the Greenest Workforce – the system has been designed to collect all the information hiring managers need to assess an application without a letter. You may be asked to provide a cover letter in the case of a job where you have been re-directed to the employer’s own job listing site after hitting “Apply”.

My resume is not in PDF format. What do I do?

Converting a Word or other type of document to a PDF is easy. You can do this at

How do I withdraw an application?

Login and go to Application History, where you can withdraw an active application.

How can I find out what jobs are available in a specific location or region?

Use the Advanced Search to find jobs of a particular type and/or in a particular location. You can also narrow your search further with criteria such as full vs. part-time, language requirements, education level and even specific employers.

I have other skills that are not listed in the options for Experience/Skills. Where do I include them?

The skills that are listed in the options on this form capture the ones that are most in demand in the forest products industry, and that are most useful in making job matches. Review yours and select the 10 that describe you best. You can describe additional skills in the overview section of your resume.

I do not have a Canadian address or phone number. Can I still create a profile and submit an application?

Yes. You can provide address coordinates outside of Canada when building a profile. All registered job seekers are asked to indicate if they are legally entitled to work in Canada or if they will require sponsorship.

Who sees it when I make my company information public vs. private?

A public listing is viewable to anyone who visits the web site.

How detailed does the company information need to be on the profile?

Provide enough information to peak the interest of prospective applicants, and so that they have some informed basis to determine if you are an organization they would like to work with. Help them become better acquainted with you.

I have some candidate matches. What do I do?

You can reach out to directly and through the Job Match Tool – messages you send to candidates will show on their dashboard.

My organization has multiple locations. Which one should I include?

You have the ability to add additional locations to your company profile – simply “add a location”. You should add any and all locations at which you may want to list positions on

How can I keep my open job postings organized?

Check “My Reports” to see a list of open jobs and/or a list of applicants.

I see a potential candidate in the Talent Bank who has the qualifications I am looking for, but who has not applied for my open position. How can I reach him or her?

You can send a message. Simply click on the candidate profile and select “Message”.

We have an existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for candidates. How is this related?

This is another tool for prospective candidates to reach you and apply for your open positions. It does not replace your existing ATS. You can directly link to your own application URL from a job posting you create on

Who can access the Labour Market Information?

Anyone. The information is available to the general public.

How do I read and interpret the reports?

The “How it Works” explanation provides detailed instructions.

Can I save the report data?

Yes – click download and save the file to your computer.

How do I drill down to more detailed specifics?

Click on the black arrows to filter down levels.

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