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Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc

Chapleau, Canada – Ontario
wdgpi.fc@gmail.com  |  (705) 987-6857
Website: www.wahkohtowin.com

Wahkohtowin is a 100% Indigenous owned enterprise and is actively looking for First Nation community members from the Northeast Superior and surrounding area who have education and/or experience in natural resource career pathways and want to explore joining our team.
Forest Planning, Environmental Monitoring and Assessments, Forest Operations, Non Timber Forest Products, Community Engagement – Values Mapping/Monitoring.


Company History

We grew out of the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum to be an action-oriented implementation body for economic development. We emerged from a time of truth and reconciliation; a time when there is a need for adaptation to mitigate the ‘busts’ of a boom and bust economy; a time when people need to get back to the land; and a time when – more than ever – role models and inspiration are needed for youth.
Wahkohtowin stands for kinship and connectedness, and recognizes the complexity and interconnectedness of people, resources, and land


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