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Stella-Jones Inc.

Saint-Laurent, Canada – Quebec
atashdjian@stella-jones.com  |  (514) 934-8665
Website: www.stella-jones.com

Stella-Jones is North America’s leading producer of industrial pressure-treated wood products. Responding to the vital infrastructure needs of our economy, we manufacture and distribute railway ties, utility poles, residential lumber and industrial wood products across the continent.



Head Office:
3100 Côte-Vertu Boulevard West, Suite 300
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
H4R 2J8
(514) 934-8665
Website: www.stella-jones.com

Stella-Jones - Kanaka (Maple Ridge, BC)
23562 River Road
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
V2W 1B7
(604) 463-8195
Website: www.stella-jones.com


Company History

Stella-Jones was incorporated in 1992 and purchased Domtar’s wood treating assets in 1993. Stella-Jones became a public company in 1994. Since then, business and acquisitions have increased, with 500 employees across 14 plants in December 2009 to 2100 employees across 40 plants in 2019.
Stella-Jones achieved 2 billion dollars in sales in 2018.

Company Facts

Stella-Jones Inc. is a leading producer and marketer of pressure treated wood products. The Company supplies North America’s railroad operators with railway ties and timbers, and the continent’s electrical utilities and telecommunication companies with utility poles. Stella-Jones also manufactures and distributes residential lumber and accessories to retailers for outdoor applications, as well as industrial products which include marine and foundation pilings, construction timbers, wood for bridges and coal tar-based products. The Company’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: SJ).




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