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Burnaby, Canada – British Columbia
jennifer.irving@interfor.com  |  (604) 451-2841
Website: interfor.com/careers/

Interfor is one of the world’s largest forest products companies with operations across North America and customers around the globe. With an annual lumber capacity of approximately 5.2 billion board feet from world-class facilities, we strengthen local economies, build value for our employees and customers and participate in sustainable forest management with sustainable building materials.

Interfor is a growth-oriented company with a consistent track record of investing in assets with future potential, integrating operations effectively, and making strategic capital investments to maximize mill performance to deliver top-tier margins.

We enhance the natural carbon cycle through responsible forest management, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing through all phases of production and produce climate-friendly building products for customers around the world.


Company History

Interfor started in 1963 with operations on the Coast of British Columbia and since then has grown to 32 operations throughout North America both in Canada and the United States with 5,200 employees. In Canada we operate in 4 Provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick), and in the United States we operate in 8 States (Washington, Oregon, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana).


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