Start with a strategy.

Determine what type of career you are looking for, where you want to work and then prepare your application/ resume for each position.

Update your online presence.

Keep up-to-date professional profiles and resumes that are searchable by employers.

Know yourself.

Understand how your skills and qualifications relate to the position you are applying for. Then write a brief, to-the-point cover letter stating what value you bring and how it relates to the company and their needs.

Discuss solutions.

Refer to industry trends and ask for a meeting to talk about future growth; dare to be smarter and talk about business problems and solutions.

Don’t mass apply to every job you can find with a generic resume.

Tailor your application to each specific job and company that you apply to.

Don’t publicly post inappropriate…

Don’t publicly post inappropriate photos, rants about previous jobs, or anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Don’t speak badly about your boss.

It is unprofessional and can be a red flag to prospective employers. If you are speaking poorly about your current employer, then you may do the same to them.

DON’T: Just push send.

Please don’t press send before looking up the company, doing your homework and understanding business needs.