Interview Tips

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Be ready. Research the company. The more you know, the better off you are. Research the person or people who will be interviewing you, if possible.

Have your questions planned beforehand

Take the time to prepare your questions about the company and position prior to your interview to ensure you are sure of your questions and why.

Dress the part

If you can find out what the fashion culture is in the office, great.

Think before you answer.

It is quite acceptable to pause before responding in order to organize your thoughts. Be a good listener. If you are asked a question you don’t understand, ask for clarification.

Be late.

Never be late. If you’re on time for one thing, make it the job interview.

Show up knowing nothing about the company and/or position.

Do your research on the company and the position for which you are applying.

Say “No,” when the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for me?”

Always have prepared questions for the interviewer as it illustrates that you are truly interested in the position and the company.

Speak too loudly or too softly.

Use the interviewer as your model-how are they speaking.