Resume Tips

A well prepared resume can be a great tool for you in your job hunt. Here are DO’S and DONT’S to help you with your resume.


Make your career objective “employer-centric.”

Tell an employer what you can do for THEM. Employers want performance, and your career objective should make them feel good about what you’ll “offer,” not gain.

Talk results.

Clearly spell out what you’ve achieved. Show you’re an impact player. When possible, use statistics to support your points.

Lead with action words.

Tell them about when you “Grew,” “Built,” “Leveraged,” “Increased,” “Drove,” or “Led” something.

Be a quick read.

A recruiter will quickly look your resume. If your resume has too much text, they will probably move on quickly to the next resume. Remember — less is more.

Don’t hide important information at the end.

Make it easy for the employer to figure out that you’re a superstar.

Don’t Use Inappropriate Email Address.

Do not use an old or inappropriate or inactive email. Create a professional one.

Don’t have typos.

Proofread for typos and double check spelling on your resume.

Don’t lie.

Do not lie on your resume, it will get you nowhere. Be completely honest.