Finding Home in Hinton

One of the best things about working in the Forest Products Industry is where the job takes you. I don’t mean the actual work itself (which is also incredible), but the places that you live and play. Hinton, Alberta is one of those really special places to me – a gem that I would not have discovered if it wasn’t for the opportunity from West Fraser. Being from a small town myself, it was effortless for me to fall in love with Hinton, and for an outdoors person, this place is a dream. Better than me trying to put my appreciation and enjoyment of the area into words, I decided to make a quick video to give you a glimpse into life in the foothills.

I also have to give substantial credit to the generous and kind family that I live with for making Hinton home for me. I can say with full confidence that I wouldn’t be enjoying my experience here nearly as much if it wasn’t for them. So to the Kaisner’s, Thank-You!

Please enjoy!


One Response to Finding Home in Hinton

  1. Monique Goward says:

    Yes! West Fraser, Hinton, and Kaisners have been good to you.
    Love the adventures and video.
    Yo Momma

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