Top 10 Lakes in the 100 Mile House Area

Green Lake

This picturesque lake lives up to its name with beautiful blue-green water. It is located just east of 70 Mile House and features several public parks. It is a favorite for cabin goers and campers throughout the summer season. Lots of opportunity for boating, in particular water sports. Green Lake is not highly regarded as a fishing lake but The aspen forests and open meadows provide some of the most delightful walking trails around.

Sheridan Lake

Sheridan Lake is located along Highway 24, the “Fishing Highway” that runs east to west between 100 Mile House in the South Cariboo and Little Fort in the Thompson River Valley. Sheridan Lake is famous for its crystal clear water and abundance of rainbow trout. Each year the lake, fed by underground springs, is stocked with over 350,000 trout, many growing to be in the 14 to 16 pound range. Fishing enthusiasts flock here in early May, after the ice has melted, to fish for rainbow trout. Man-made spawning channels can be seen full of spawning fish around May. 

Timothy Lake

Turn east off Highway 97 at Lac La Hache and travel 13 km (8 mi.) along a good gravel road to reach this 8 km long lake. To the north of the lake is Timothy Mountain which is a local ski hill, providing both downhill and cross country skiing for people from 100 Mile House to Williams Lake. This shallow u-shaped lake is surrounded by hills and low mountains covered with a mixed pine and fir forest. There are number of residences on the north side. The rainbow, of up to three pounds, can be enticed by spinning and trolling but flies are popular with the fish early in the season. 

Lac La Hache

Lac La Hache, or “The Lake of the Axe” as it translates to, was named during the fur trade, after the unfortunate incident of a French-Canadian voyageur who lost his axe head while chopping a hole in the ice. The community of Lac La Hache describes itself as the “Longest Town in the Cariboo”. Highway 97 skirts the entire 18 kilometre shoreline of this lake which features many fishing lodges, guest ranches and vacation homes along its perimeter. The lake is well known for its Kokanee fishing as well as its trophy size Lake Trout. The lake also features a British Columbia Provincial Campground.

Murphy Lake

Murphy Lake which is otherwise known as Eagle lake to some locals is one of the more remote lakes on the list. It can be accessed from two separate roads to the Southeast side via Canim Hendrix Road or the Northwest via Spout Lake Road. The access to this lake is a bit more challenging but it is worth it. There is a ranch at the north end of the lake and the odd private property but it will certainly feel like you have the place to yourself. Less people also means incredible fishing!

Lac Des Roche

Lac Des Roche is also located on Highway 24 “The Fishing Highway”. Trolling for rainbows up to 7 lbs. seems to be the preferred method on Lac Des Roche, however, local anglers say this lake may have one of the best mayfly hatches in the region. So get out your fly rod and tie on one of your favorite mayfly immitations. Situated in mountainous terrain, Lac Des Roches is forested in an open Douglas fir and aspen forest with some grassland on the north side. The south side is a denser spruce and Lodgepole pine forest. This beautiful lake contains many islands.

Deka Lake

Located 56km south of 100 Mile House, you turn east on the Horse Lake Road. There is no organized campsite on this 14km long lake, however there is bed & breakfast accommodations available and several boat launches at the southwest end of lake. The rocky shoreline is often covered with alder and poplar, with some marshy areas in the narrows. There is access to Sulphurous Lake by water. ake trout are caught up to 10 pounds with rainbow about a pound and a half. Trolled lures can be used for both with spinning gear also effective for the rainbow. Fly fishing is effective on Deka Lake as well. Kokanee have been stocked and are providing enjoyable fishing. 

Canim Lake

Canim Lake is located on Canim Lake Road, approximately 35 km northeast of 100 Mile House in the Cariboo. The small lakeside community of Canim Lake in the Cariboo is located at the southwestern end of Wells Gray Provincial Park. The 23-mile (37 km) long Canim Lake is one of the larger lakes in the Cariboo, surrounded by expansive meadows, mountains, rolling hills, and forests of pine, spruce and Douglas-fir trees. Numerous resorts dot the shoreline of the magnificent Canim Lake, which has a distinctive lushness to it due in part to its lower elevation. Canim Falls at the east end of Canim Lake in Wells Gray Provincial Park is reached by a trail that starts from the logging road that parallels the south side of Canim Lake. Other magnificent waterfalls in the area are Deception Falls and Mahood Falls.

Lang Lake

Lang Lake is another remote option for an adventure. It is located Northeast of 100 Mile House and to the Northern section of Canim Lake. You will have to use an Forest Service Road to access this lake and you will want either 4×4 that is heavily equipped or a quad. There is a small forestry cabin that can be found at the end of the trail that is rough around the edges but will provide a roof over your head. Your reward is one of the best lakes in the area with top-notch fishing all to yourself. No picture for this one, you will have to got see for yourself 😉


Ruth Lake

Ruth Lake is located off of Canim Hendrix Rd to the Northeast of 100 Mile House about 10 km north of Forest Grove. This smaller lake is a favorite for local swimmers because of its warm water and beautiful park space which is maintained by the local Lions Club. The meandering lake has excellent fishing for Rainbow Trout and Kokanee as well.

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