Wondering what it’s like to work in the Greenest Workforce – Canada’s forest products industry? The Green Dream bloggers have you covered. They’re each blogging about their experiences working in the forest products industry this summer!

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Blog 8

September 11 2018

It’s over! I can’t believe how fast this summer flew by. It seems they get faster and faster every year. This summer was full of so many new experiences, such as fire fighting, silviculture surveys, helicopter rides, timber cruising; the list could go…

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Blog 7

September 11 2018

Hello everyone! Today was my last bush day of the summer! My remaining two days are office days and clean up days. It’s unbelievable this is almost over. I’ve had such a great summer and am beyond relieved I expanded my comfort zone…

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August 29 2018

I decided to use this blog entry as a more thorough way of learning about my office co-workers. I learned they all have a good sense of humor, but no talent in writing poetry. I’m also not sure if I realized how young…

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Food Paradise in Quesnel, BC

August 13 2018

Just a heads up: hopefully you’re not hungry before reading this, because you’re about to get hungrier! In case you didn’t gather from my last blog: I like to eat. I love trying new restaurants and *most* things. I’ve really been enjoying the…

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Blog #4

July 30 2018

Hello again! I cannot believe we are approaching the end of July. We only have 5 more weeks of work left. It’s crazy how fast time is going by this summer; it’s hard to imagine I’ll be nose deep in my studies in…

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Blog #3

July 17 2018

Hello all, and welcome to the third round of blog entries! For those of you who didn’t see, us Quesnel bloggers (Matthew, Alex and I) got interviewed for the local newspaper. If you didn’t see it afloat throughout Facebook (or you aren’t my…

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Look for the “bear” necessities…

June 28 2018

Hello, again! So, by the time this gets posted, my summer will be officially half way over (where does time go?!). BUT, I am SO excited to share: I OFFICIALLY SAW MY FIRST GRIZZLY!!! (See attached video). It was literally the coolest thing…

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Blog 1

June 19 2018

I’d like to start out by saying hello to all my readers! Whether you are in the forest industry or not (and if you’re not, I’ll try not to confuse you too bad), your time to stay involved in my summer is greatly…

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