Blog #2: Exploring Western Canada

5 juillet 2017 12:34 Published by 3 commentaires

Welcome back to my blog! There is a lot I need to cover this week, so I’ll just jump right in. When I moved to Fort St. John, I planned on living completely alone all year and made the decision that it was important I have a companion. So, the first thing I did after getting somewhat settled in my new apartment was adopt a cat from the SPCA. After meeting all of the cats they had, there was a clear choice as to which cat suited me best, a tiny beige cat called Cinnamon. Honestly, I was not a huge fan of this name but I also couldn’t find a name that suited her sweet, caring personality. I had her about two weeks when the perfect name came to me – Margo.

Margo sitting in her typical position

For the first 5 months of living in Fort St. John, Margo and I lived a quiet life just the two of us. In March, I was contacted by a girl I met through mutual friends in October 2016 and she told me she was moving to Fort St. John for an internship. As it turned out, Margo and I didn’t need a two bedroom apartment to ourselves. In May, Jenna became a part of our little family which made travelling and hiking a lot safer, fun and easier. Three days after Jenna moved in, we drove ten hours to Banff National Park in Alberta. A piece of advice: the ultimate way to get to know someone is to drive together for 30+ hours in four days. Turns out Jenna and I make great roommates, travel partners and friends, here are some of our pictures from this road trip.

Me at Lake Louise which was still frozen on the May long weekend.

The destination of a small hike in the Kananaskis Valley.

A stunning lake we had to pull over at on the drive between Banff and Jasper.

Our bug to explore and hike didn’t leave after we got home from Banff. Over the past few weekends, Jenna and I have done multiple weekend hikes in the Peace Region. We’ve spent time in Tumbler Ridge, Hudson’s Hope and Chetwynd. There are so many trails that it is hard to decide which ones to do but we are definitely trying our best! The natural beauty of Western Canada is overwhelming and should never be taken for granted. If you live in a small town and think to yourself “wow, there is nothing to do here”, chances are you just need to get out of town and discover the areas near you. No matter where you are in Canada, it is likely beautiful. My grandparents were able to come visit me for a week in early June and were so excited to learn about where I’m living and my position with Canfor Pulp. I was able to give them a tour of the mill and they were so overwhelmed with what we are able to accomplish here in Taylor.

My grandparents at Kinuseo Falls in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Hiking Boulder Gardens in Tumbler Ridge, June 2017.

My roommate, Jenna, at the top of Battleship Mountain in Hudson’s Hope, last weekend.

On Sunday June 25th, I was lucky enough to meet with another one of the Green Dream Bloggers! Lindsay Albers got in touch with me via LinkedIn and we were quickly able to meet up in Fort St. John for a day trip to Chetwynd. Lindsay has so much knowledge about the forestry industry and the area and it was so fun to learn from her! We got along great and had a great, adventurous day together. Thanks again to FPAC for this amazing opportunity to meet new people I never would have met before, to learn more about forestry, and for the chance to get outdoors and share it with people. I want to help people across Canada understand the opportunities in forestry and how sustainable the industry is. This is the perfect industry for those who love the outdoors and care deeply about the environment.

Lindsay and I at a waterfall she took me to just outside of Chetwynd.

Until next time reader, I hope you enjoyed my second blog!

3 commentaires

  • Mike Greek says:

    You Rock Mel…very nice to hear you’ve settled in so nicely. It was great that your family was made to feel so welcome. I know Mom and Dad enjoyed their time there immensely. Keep rockin’ Kid !
    Uncle Mike and Fam

  • JB says:

    PS. Jenna came to chetwynd too and met Lindsay and they all had the best day ever xoxoxo the end

  • Hello Melanie!

    I hope all is well! I wanted to inform you on a media opportunity in our Canada’s Forests campaign coming out this fall.

    I wanted to reach out and introduce myself – I’m the head publisher for the 2017 Celebrating Canada’s Forests campaign, launching in the Vancouver Sun in September for National Forest Week.

    We’re looking to unite thought leaders to highlight youth in the dynamic forest products careers, promote the different forestry programs available for post-secondary education, and demonstrate the sustainability of the forestry industry.

    As a member of the Green Dream Internship Program, I’d love to connect with you to hear about your experience working in the forest products industry this summer! I would love to connect early this week to tell you more about this campaign, as well pick your brain about the important topics to be covered in this issue.

    Let me know if you have any availability to discuss today or tomorrow, either via email or linkedin (I sent you a message there as well!).
    Thanks, and looking forward to connecting!

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