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Welcome back to the best blogging experience to ever grace the earth since that one time in grade 5 when I blogged for marks. Today I want to highlight the best parts of the small community I like to call Meadow Lake. If any of you travelers end up in Meadow Lake, I’d recommend checking these places out for yourself. If you are a local and you’re reading this, you can just send the hate mail by email please and thank you. I’m not ranking these in any way, all entries are in a random order (and more or less unbiased).

Meadow Lake Golf Course

A golf course fairway.

View of the first hole fairway from the men’s tee box (3)

The Meadow Lake Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole course with a great restaurant at the clubhouse for an after-round brew. With friendly locals visiting daily, there isn’t a moment when you won’t be greeted by some golf savvy individuals. The back nine holes really outshine the front in terms of beauty, but you can form your own opinion if you visit the course. The geese on hole 13 are quite cute as well, definitely a fun place to spend your day outside and lose some golf balls. 


Nor’Wester Motor Inn

Overview of the Nor'Wester Motor Inn/Milltown Sports Bar.

Overhead view of the Nor’Wester Motor Inn/Milltown Sports Bar (4)

The Nor’Wester Motor Inn houses a motel, restaurant, and sports bar all rolled into one convenient 19th hole. The Nor’Wester has a great menu to suit any craving. Delicious ribs every Thursday and great deals on arguably the best wings in town every Wednesday and Saturday. The motel offers a cozy stay while visiting and is only a two-to-three-minute walk from the sports bar. With VLT’s, pool, and an off sale, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy.


Bliss Salon & Spa

Inside a local spa.

An inside peek of the different Bliss Salon & Spa offers

Bliss Salon & Spa is a completely female run studio (which is probably why it’s run so well) with everything you need in terms of beauty and hair care products. The girls know exactly what they’re doing and will help you in any way they can. Of course, I only get a haircut every time I go, but the services they offer are sure to satisfy any customer. Nails, lash extensions, waxing, massages, the list goes on and on. The professionalism mixed with the friendly nature of the establishment makes the visit worthwhile.

Fidrock Café 

Store front of Fidrock Cafe.

Fidrock Café pizza restaurant (6)

Pizza. That’s it. Don’t let the ‘Café’ in the name trick you. Fidrock Café is the best pizza spot in town, and this is barely up for debate. To be frank, there isn’t anything super special about their menu. They have the basic cheese and pepperoni pizzas, they have some specials that are unique to Fidrock, and they have cheese sticks. However, the quality of the pizza is astounding. Quality meats and fresh vegetables on pizza that is always hot and freshly cooked. A friendly place that cares about quality and their customers.

Eatery on Main

A restaurant on Main St.

The newly renovated Eatery on Main (2)

The Eatery on Main is one of the most modern and progressive businesses in Meadow Lake. If your girlfriend wanted to take pictures of her food for Instagram, this is the place to do it. The vicinity has a stunning modern look while also incorporating a cozy, local feel into its design. The café/restaurant offers incredible food that will have you coming back for more, such as my personal favourite, the buffalo grilled wrap. With environmental conscious practices, ethically driven decisions, and really good fries, it’s hard not to love the Eatery on Main.


Martodam’s “The Clothing People”

The parking lot of a local business.

An old photo of Martodam’s “The Clothing People” (5)

Martodam’s “The Clothing People” have all the best deals on brand name clothing, shoes, and accessories. For a local retail store, their selection is quite impressive. From graphic tees, to winter coats, to my favourite pair of khakis I’ve ever owned, you’re bound to find something you can’t refuse. There’s always something new on sale, so checking out the variety of discounts they offer could land you a steal-of-a-deal!


Rise Up Health & Fitness

Fitness equipment in a gym.

The main floor of Rise Up Health & Fitness (1)

Rise Up Health & Fitness is a 24-hour gym with modern machines and equipment for whatever gets you moving. The gym is always clean, because of the respectful members and hardworking staff. Supplements, protein shakes, and energy drinks are available for consumers at no additional markup when compared to larger companies. Classes are offered for those seeking a different kind of activity than weightlifting. The members and staff are very kind and will not hesitate to be your spotter. The Rise Up Gym is very user friendly and inclusive to all kinds of people, body types, and activity preferences. Highly recommend at least trying it out.


That concludes my list of hot spots in Meadow Lake. This isn’t quite all of them, but I recommend exploring and coming up with your own opinion too. If you’re ever in the area, why not check out these locations? And if you own one of these businesses, why not sponsor me? 🙂 That’s all for this blog, until next time.



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