Why Register on The Greenest Workforce?

By registering as a job seeker or employer, you’ll get access to a wide range of services and benefits.

For Job Seekers
For Employers
  • Find the right job – We’ll match you with jobs that line up with your interests, qualifications and criteria
  • Make yourself visible – Employers with jobs to fill can see what qualifications you have and what you’re looking for*
  • Applying made easy – Registered users can apply for available jobs at the click of a button
  • We’ll keep you informed – We’ll email you when you have a job match, a message from an employer, or when there’s a new job at a company you’ve put on your “watch list”
  • Help with family relocation – If you might move for a new job, registered employers may be able to help find an opportunity for a family member who will be coming along
  • Find the right candidates – We’ll match your opening with qualified candidates who want to work where you’re located
  • Browse the talent bank – Get access to the profiles of hundreds of candidates across Canada with industry-relevant qualifications*
  • More eyes on your openings – Your openings will be prominently visible on a site with thousands of visitors each week
  • More eyes on your company – Your corporate profile will be visible to job seekers who can also add you to their “watch list”
  • We’ll keep you informed – We’ll email you when you have a candidate match, an application, or a message from a job seeker

* If the Job-Seeker has chosen to make his/her profile public


What does a Job Match mean?

This sector-specific site was designed by human resources experts, and uses sophisticated criteria to ensure that only quality matches are provided. A match means:

  • The job is in a region where you’ve said you are willing to work.
  • The job fits within a specific field and more specific career type that you have identified.
  • The hiring criteria line up with what you have to offer. That includes basics such as experience, education, certification and languages. It also includes specific skills and competencies that will be key success factors in the job.

When a registered job seeker gets matched with an available job on the Greenest Workforce, he or she can be sure it’s an opportunity worth considering.