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The forest products industry is one of Canada’s oldest and most important industries. And with large numbers of retiring baby boomers, and new people and skills needed to support industry growth and transformation, it’s hiring.

This site has tools enabling job seekers to Find a Job and apply now, as well as to Register for Job Matches and Other Services

Below you’ll find various resources – available for download and distribution – which will be valuable to industry representatives, career counsellors, educators and others who have the opportunity to promote employment opportunities in Canada’s Greenest Workforce.

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The Greenest Workforce Job Match Tool

Overview for Employers


Overview for Career Advisors


Join Canada’s Greenest Workforce

Promotional postcard and poster available for distribution and use at career centres and other locations.

Promotional postcard


Promotional poster


Forest Products Industry Employment

An overview of what the industry has to offer and where it’s heading.


Fast Facts on Careers

An overview of key career opportunities in the forest products industry, together with educational requirements and average hourly wages.


Forest Product Industry Careers

Detailed fact sheets on each of the dozens of specific careers available in the forest products industry, including key responsibilities and “this is right for you if…” information.
You can access these fact sheets individually immediately below and in the Career Options section, and you can download a full set of PDFs at “Download the Kit” above.

Video Resources: Personal Insights

Below are a sample of six video job profiles, based on the personal experience of people working in the forest products industry.

You’ll find additional resources of this type in the Video section, and you can download MP4 files of all available videos at “Download the Kit” above.

Renewing Canada’s Greenest Workforce

In 2011, the Forest Products Sector Council (FPSC) indicated in its study, Renewing Canada’s Greenest Workforce: A Labour Market Intelligence Report, that depending on future economic conditions Canada’s forest products sector would require as little as 40,000 to as many as 120,000 new workers by 2020.The study included a set of labour demand projections and employment demographics of the most in-demand occupations on a national, regional and sub-sector level.