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It’s hard to believe that my third summer at Tolko (and as a blogger at thegreenestworkforce.ca!) is coming to close. You can probably tell that I have been very enthusiastic about my time at Tolko, and have a lot of great things to say about my job, my team, my company, my hometown and my industry. I’ve been reflecting on what made my assignments at Tolko’s corporate office so awesome, and I’ll try to distill 12 months of fantastic experiences into three main points:

  1. At Tolko, I am given the tools to achieve.
    Each day, I have the opportunity to make a tangible, positive impact on Tolko and over 3000 employees through the work that I do. My manager works tirelessly to provide me with the tools I need to succeed, whether it is coaching me in effective communication to senior-level managers, providing feedback on a business recommendation, or recognizing me for a job well done. Tolko’s HR team has been incredibly supportive of my learning, taking time from their day to make my experience valuable. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the province’s top HR professionals that are not only exceptional in their field, but make me feel like a valued member of the team who is able to make a contribution to Tolko

    I have come a long way since I first joined Tolko in May 2013. My managers and my team have gone above and beyond to support me in developing my skills and growing my career. They believed in me, entrusted me and empowered me to succeed.

  2. Tolko is rooted in family.
    Tolko may be one of the world’s largest producers of forest products, but is still privately-held and family-owned. Tolko’s values derive from family values that I can identify with. Tolko supports employees in taking care of themselves and their families by offering competitive pay and benefits. As a family-run company, there is a great deal of trust, hard work, respect, and an incredible drive to “do things right.”

  3. I feel like I belong at Tolko.
    Most importantly, I feel like I belong here. I believe in what I do at Tolko, and I’m proud of my company’s impressive commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. I enjoy taking part in an industry that is dedicated to a greener tomorrow. I love my hometown and all the benefits of living in a smaller centre. I sincerely enjoy contributing to a team that genuinely cares about me and recognizes the work that I do. I love telling my friends and family about what I do, because I feel great about what I do.

Do you want to love what you do? Do you want to be proud that your contribution helps shape a greener tomorrow? Do you want to contribute to one of Canada’s largest and most important economic powerhouses?

If so, I would suggest checking out The Greenest Workforce and Tolko. Take it from me – #lifesbetterhere.

Great Outdoor

Picture: Jeremy Woo and Tanya Wick, Vice-President, Corporate Services at Tolko, having a fundraiser breakfast on Tolko’s rooftop patio. Tanya was on barista duty.

Jeremy would like to thank his managers (Heather Press and Cathy Tucker), Tolko’s HR team, Tolko’s communications team, his family, and the Forest Products Association of Canada for believing in him and giving him the opportunity to succeed in The Greenest Workforce.

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