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July 9, 2019 10:44 am Published by 3 Comments

Hello all! I’m currently finishing up an electronics project and collecting adventure stills to be featured in upcoming blogs. For now, here’s a collection of limericks by yours truly about the versatility of lumber, the importance canoe ownership, and situational silver linings respectively.

As a precursor, please don’t fret, I will be keeping my day job.

Timber, I’m certain, is useable,
in far more ways than the usual.
We cut it down,
mill, ship it to town,
by the way did you know its renewable?

There once was a girl named Agnew,
who, with gusto, built a canoe.
A flood hit the town,
there was no way around,
but Agnew just floated on through.

Young Richard knew no better,
he got sap all over his sweater.
His mom was upset,
he said don’t you fret,
you can use it to seal up a letter!

-Joshua Kranabetter


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