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In my last few summers at Tolko, I have definitely learned that #lifesbetterhere at work. However, as graduation sneaks up on me, I am beginning to realize how much I really want a job after I am finished with my undergrad degree.

I sat down with two members of Tolko’s HR team to find out what jobs are available to new university graduates right out of school.

Business Graduates

I am a student from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, and I wondered if there will be any opportunities for me after I’m done my undergrad degree. Some opportunities might be available for me and other business school students in the Greenest Workforce upon graduation include:


  • Sales assistant/coordination
  • Customer service
  • Brokerage (see my last blog entry!)
  • Product coordination
  • Marketing or communications coordinator

Human Resources

  • HR assistant


  • Internal auditor (path to CPA designation)
  • Divisional accounting roles (at Tolko’s operations)
  • Accounts payable or accounts receivable (corporate or operations)


  • Quality control
  • Woodlands assistant

IT Graduates

Tolko’s IT team is an exciting place to be as technology rapidly changes in the forest products industry. Normally, new graduates start in a service desk specialist position and can build a career from there; two managers within Tolko’s IT Team started their careers as students who moved to new graduate positions and eventually, management.

Forestry Graduates

Graduating from a forestry degree or diploma program? You can start your career at a leading forest products company such as Tolko. Forestry coordinator, technician, and woodlands assistant roles may be available for new graduates.

Wood Products Processing Graduates

If you are a graduate of a wood products processing program, there is a huge opportunity to shine in the industry and at Tolko. Quality control positions are available to begin a career in operations, or join the sales or brokerage teams in a corporate office.

Advice for starting your career

We’ve all seen it before: “Five years of experience required,” or “3-5 years of related experience essential.” It’s not easy for new graduates who need experience to get a job, but need a job to get experience.

Catherine Bariesheff, Tolko’s HR Coordinator, Recruitment, recommends that new graduates should evaluate job postings carefully when looking for a new position. If you meet most of the requirements and feel that you would be a good fit for the role, submit an application.

“Don’t screen yourself out because you don’t tick all the boxes,” says Catherine. She also recommends that you start thinking about your career path in school so that you can get some quality experience – either through summer positions or a co-op program. This helps students gain experience that they would benefit from once they leave school.

Catherine Bariesheff, HR Coordinator, Recruitment

Last time that Catherine was on my blog, she was recently promoted to the HR Assistant role. Since then, she’s been promoted twice and is now responsible for all corporate recruitment at Tolko – quite an achievement considering that she was a new business graduate from the University of British Columbia just a few short years ago.

Dustin Armstrong, HR Advisor

Dustin is also a relatively new business graduate from Thompson Rivers University. He was recruited into the role of HR Coordinator two years ago, and has since been promoted into the role of HR Advisor, responsible for various operational HR functions spanning two provinces.

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