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August 24, 2015 2:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

On a recent weekend daytrip to beautiful Merritt, British Columbia, I couldn’t resist the temptation to drive by Tolko’s Nicola Valley Division on the outskirts of town. After hearing so much about the operation over my three HR assignments at Tolko, I wanted to see the site for myself – I’ve included a picture of me in front of an old Tolko logging truck overlooking the Nicola Valley Division.

Great Outdoor

Question to myself: What could compel me to drive by a lumber mill on the weekend?

Answer: It’s a sense of pride for the work that I do every day. I may work in a corporate office two hours away with limited exposure to the dimensional lumber manufactured at Tolko’s Nicola Valley Division, but I still have an immense sense of pride for the way that Tolko does business, and I’m proud to play a role.

I’m proud that I work each day with a company that is environmentally responsible and works hard to implement sustainable business practices. I’m proud that I work with a company that is deeply rooted within its communities and strongly supports local initiatives. I’m proud that I work with a company that is progressive, innovative, and open to new ideas. Most of all, I’m proud that my company’s values align with my own values. When I’m contributing to a vision that I believe in, I’m fully invested in what I do.

Over my time at Tolko, I’ve found that working in The Greenest Workforce isn’t just about the competitive compensation, exceptional benefits, or great work hours. It’s also about believing in what I do every day.

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