Salutations internet!

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Salutations internet!

I’m Joshua Kranabetter and I will be your personal guide through a summer adventure as a control systems student.

On a typical evening you can find me in my workshop either dissecting old electronics or building my own. Either affair will inevitably be accompanied by hot coffee and 80s techno. I am project oriented and driven by a need to understand how things work. My current studies in computer science, a passion for tinkering and previous experience in the industry have resulted in landing a position at Tolko as a control systems student. I am quite happy to call Tolko home for the summer because of their progressive attitude for analyzing and integrating cutting edge technologies.

My history with Tolko industries started back in 2012. I landed a position working in the Kelowna division which gave me foundational knowledge in sawmilling that would prove to be quite useful down the road. In 2013 I went back to school and earned a Certificate in Electronics Engineering Technologies at Okanagan College. During my schooling I was lucky enough to land a coop at Tolko’s High-Level division where I was introduced to industrial controls and further educated on the delicacies of the Sawmill. After graduation I landed a job at Comact, a manufacturer of sawmill and planer mill equipment, where I travelled all over North America servicing and installing equipment for a duration of just over 2 years. In the present day I am perusing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at UBC Okanagan and was lucky enough to be picked up by Tolko as a Controls Student for the second time, this time based in Armstrong BC.

After getting hired as a sawmill stacker operator out of high school I was quick to notice that there is a surprising disconnect between the general population and the forestry products industry, something that provides 1 of every 4 manufacturing jobs in BC. Through my blogs I hope to ensure a new generation is aware of the awesome and abundant opportunities that exist in the forestry products industry. In consideration to my position I will be placing an emphasis on tech specifically, and the sort of lifestyle that comes with it. Throughout my work term I will be working on a variety of innovative projects and will get the chance to work at multiple sawmilling locations, this should prove to be an exciting summer!

I would like to thank the Forestry Products Association of Canada, I am truly grateful for this opportunity, and excited to share my adventures.

Signing off for now!

Figure 1 – Having too much fun to nap with dad. Hiking on Knox Mountain, Kelowna BC

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