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June 25, 2020 11:32 am Published by 6 Comments

man in front of lake

Figure 1: A breathtaking view of McDougal Creek in Northern Saskatchewan

Hello internet!

My name is Jordan Rock and I have been hired as a Woodlands Student by Tolko Industries for the summer of 2020. I am a recent graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Integrated Resource Management program and I plan to continue working towards a degree in Environmental Biology at the University of Regina in the fall. During the summer of 2019, I worked for the government of Saskatchewan’s Forest Service as a Student Field Technician. This opportunity provided me with an introduction to the world of forestry, however, this summer I will be experiencing the industry side for the first time.

I enjoy many outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, quadding and hiking. I have a profound respect for nature and always strive to preserve its natural beauty in any way I can. It is no surprise that it is my dream to find a career that allows me to work outdoors. I have always wanted to experience the forest products industry and thanks to Tolko, I will have the opportunity to gain that experience over the next few months. I am equally excited to share my experiences with you!

man in canoe

Figure 2: Canoeing down Hannin Creek near Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

I think it is important, especially as students, to share our summer work experiences with others. In doing so, we can offer insight into certain aspects of the forestry industry from a first-hand perspective. The forest industry benefits humans in many ways. These benefits include a wide array of forest products, employment opportunities for thousands of people and the proper management of our Canadian forests. These are just a few of the benefits that I will be eager to share over the next couple of months.

The forest products industry is both sustainable and dynamic. I admire it a lot because utilizes a renewable resource responsibly. This allows for the industry to not only benefit from Canada’s natural resources, but also manage them sustainably so that future generations will be capable of utilizing them as well. I also believe it is a dynamic industry as there are several different components to it, from harvesting all the way to marketing. While working this summer, I am hoping to gain valuable knowledge and experience that will help me to build a career in the industry. I am eager to apply my classroom knowledge to the workplace, while continually learning new things on the job.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more as I will be releasing content bi-weekly for the rest of summer!




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